cervical: Researchers pioneer new approach to treating HPV-related cervical cancer

adminJanuary 15, 2015
A drug that is already well established as a treatment for infection of the retina in people with AIDS[1] has been shown, for the first time, to sensitise cervical cancer[2] to chemotherapy[3] and radiotherapy without an increase in toxic side-effects. Cidofovir is an anti-viral drug that is effective against several viruses, including the human papilloma […]

Cervical: HPV vaccination not associated with risky sexual behavior among teenage girls

adminJanuary 14, 2015
Opposing concerns over increased promiscuity following HPV vaccination, a new large study published in CMAJ finds which the introduction on the routine HPV vaccination have not affected the sexual behavior of teenage girls. Over 40 HPVs can be easily spread through direct skin-to-skin contact during vaginal, anal and oral sex..   Human papillomavirus[1] (HPV) is […]

prostate: Prostate / Prostate Cancer News from Medical News Today

adminJanuary 14, 2015
Want to see our most detailed pages about specific areas of medicine, including conditions, nutrition and forms of treatment? Visit our Knowledge Center[1]. References ^ Medical News Today Knowledge Center (www.medicalnewstoday.com) Prostate / Prostate Cancer News from Medical News Today

Colon Cancer Tests That Can Save Your Life

adminJanuary 14, 2015
colon cancer test
If the early symptoms of colon cancer are detected then it can treated and if you are cautious and do the following test after regular interval of time, then you can save your life. Each of the following tests can be done alone or in combination depending on the result of one test and severity […]

mesothelioma: Studies report new findings on treatment options for mesothelioma

adminJanuary 14, 2015
Treating patients with high-dose radiotherapy after chemotherapy[1] and surgery for malignant pleural mesothelioma[2] does not achieve improvements in local relapse and overall survival, according to data from a prospective randomized phase II trial presented at ESMO 2014 Congress in Madrid. “Mesothelioma remains a difficult disease to find better treatment options for, so we asked whether […]

What is Cancer?

adminJanuary 13, 2015
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Cancer is still a scourge to society today. Who is not afraid and frustrated to hear doctors pronounced him/her cancer. The disease causes the death of well-known and difficult to cure it, according to data from WHO, is the leading cause of death in the world. Based on the statistical data in the United States, […]